Tuesday, September 6, 2011


GREEN TIP OF THE WEEK:  Open your windows!!!!

Some may think we are lucky to have a cool breeze while others may think that its a shame to realize that summer is finally over in Chicago.  Today is a beautiful day to take your dog for a nice walk, OPEN YOUR WINDOWS and turn your air conditioning off!  Turning off your air conditioning will save energy as well as save you money.  It is also very pure to have fresh air flow through your home/office instead of air recirculating from your air conditioning units.

ALSO...now is a good time to switch out your air filters.  It is important to change your air filters every season as different particles and dust is flowing due to climate changes.

You can buy air filters from Home Depot or any hardware store in your neighborhood

You can be very surprised (and sometimes disgusted) with how much dust is collected in your home.  I make sure to change my air filters at least 4 times a year, in the beginning of every season.  


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