Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Dream House...the Fantasy Continues...

When fantasizing about my dream home, I envision concrete floors.  This may sound strange but I am obsessed with concrete anything!!  Not only do I love the various looks of concrete flooring choices but concrete is a sustainable choice when it comes to flooring materials.  My "dream house" will have lots and lots of concrete but will also have other flooring materials as well.  This idea just really get my heart rate going....

"Because of their thermal mass and ability to retain heat, concrete floors are ideal for passive solar home designs.  When homes are built to take advantage of solar radiation entering through windows in the winter months, concrete floors will absorb the heat from the direct sunlight and release the stored heat as needed at night to keep rooms warmer.  Conversely in the summer and in hot climates, concrete floors shielded from the sun will stay cool longer and can actually help lower air-conditioning costs." via

When properly installed and sealed, a decorative concrete floor should last a lifetime and will never need replacement.  This outliving other flooring materials such as carpet, hardwood and tiles.  Wow-even better!
Here is a concrete floor with wood detail inlay.  Luang Prabang, Laos
My siblings and I came across this store in Asia and I instantly fell in love.  I love the distressed/industrial look of concrete.
I love how concrete floors create a seamless look.
A polished concrete floor in a few areas will create a beautiful brightness and a sense of variety when only using one material
So sleek, so in love
In my dream house that would be located in Chicago (obviously) I will make sure that the concrete floor will be HEATED.  Nothing beats a heated floor in the cold winter.  I also love this light colored concrete.
THIS IS MY HEAVEN.  I am beyond in love with the concrete floors and walls complimented by the beautiful wood kitchen and ceiling beams.  This is an ideal look for my dream house-100%


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