Wednesday, April 18, 2012

EARTH WEEK WEDNESDAY: Green Home of the Week

From now on, I am going to feature each week a Green home.  I am obsessed with Dwell Magazine and read every issue cover to cover and can't get over how breath taking some of these off the grid homes are.  So this week is a small family beach home in the beautiful Montauk, New York.

Green features such as a prefabricated foundation and a geothermal heating and cooling system are buried below ground.  Nontoxic finishes and passive systems inside the home add to its sustainable credit and helped keep the project on budget.  The result is an elegant beach house that is perfect in tune with its environment.

Side view of the house which is landscaped with native plants and trees.

Bedroom with retracting doors to create outdoor space into a larger living space 
A kitchen I drool over
Beautiful hallway made from sustainable and certified wood

All I can say is...a prefab home will be in my future.  


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