Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene

It has been very hard to concentrate today knowing or not knowing that my long-time friends (who I consider family after 14 years) and my second home in Treasure Cay, Bahamas is safe.  The eye of Hurricane Irene hit Marsh Harbor (31 miles from Treasure Cay) in the early hours of the morning until the afternoon.  Communication came to a screeching halt since last night and I am at wits end not knowing the condition of my friends, the island, the community, my home and everything on/around it.  News channels are obviously more focused on Irene hitting the East coast instead of covering what Irene is hitting right now.   When Irene hit the island of Abaco it was categorized as a "3" and by the time it hits the East Coast it will be a categorized "2" hurricane.  Clearly Bahamas is getting hit the hardest. Purely frustrating.

Hurricane Irene heading to Bahamas
Beautiful Treasure Cay Beach
aerial view of Treasure Cay
View from my bedroom balcony
One side of our beach...
...other side of our beach, hope it's all still there.  Supposedly water made it all the way up to our house 
off the beaten path in TC
Guana Cay Marina

Grabbers Beach Bar and Hotel, one of our favorite spots

Crystal clear water-powder white sand
Treasure Cay from airplane.  The flatness of the Island causes severe flooding and power surges 
Sunset from our sun-deck

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Bahamas and everyone on the Islands.  Hope everyone is safe and the worst is over.



  1. That last picture is from the 4th of July!! I hope everything and everyone stays safe!!

  2. Thnking of you and your family, darling Sami!

  3. Did you hear anything yet? I'm in a similar position except my "vacation home" is a sailboat which was moved to Hope Town with the hope it is a good hurricane hole. I don't seem to get through by email, phone or text.

    Good luck to the our "homes", friends and places.

  4. I too am a part time resident of Treasure Cay with several properties there. My family has lived there for years although thankfully everyone is off island right new! My thoughts go out to all of the residents - I am sure yesterday was terrible, and so far I have no received no news from anyone. I will continue to reach out and should I hear I will let you know - Monique


  6. Images From Bahama Beach Club - just a short distance from your place.