Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dream House...What I Am Dreaming Of This Week

Ahhhh, kitchens.  Known as the heart of the home.  Kitchens are hands down the most important and complex room in a home.  My fantasy kitchen is obviously made of the best of the best appliances, cabinetry, and hardware.  I could blog and blog about all the little details I fantasize about my dream kitchen, but I am a busy girl so here is the gist of what I envision.  

Inspiration: an industrial commercial kitchen
Concrete/super thick countertops.  
Industrial light fixtures.
Stainless steel shelving
Dimensional tile like this for the backsplash.  Not in this color
Kitchen island made of a different material, reclaimed wood to be specific.
Dark sleek/hidden cabinets that have very minimal detail.
A wall that is completely made of large custom-sized windows is on the list.
A RAD reclaimed wood table with...
...these chairs.

You feelin it?  I sure day.


1 comment:

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