Tuesday, October 18, 2011


GREEN TIP OF THE WEEK:  "Weatherizing your home"

Now that the weather is starting to cool down (tear), now is a perfect time to prepare you home for the frigid cold weather us Chicagoans endure.  According to the Department of Energy, "Heating accounts for the biggest chunk for your utility bill, accounting or more than 40% if you include heating the space in your home as well as your water.  Weatherization can save you 25 to 40% on your heating and cooling bills."   via.  Believe it or not, doors, windows, and other sources of exposure to outdoor air can cause major leaking thus creating more energy for your heating system to counter-act the cool air.

Here are some tips to weatherize your home for under $20
*Identify areas in your home where you may have leaks.  Look for gaps in your doorways where you can see visible light filtering in.  Hold a match or incense near windows or areas where you have large cracks.  If the fire flickers or the incense is drawn to the outdoors, you have found a leak!

*Buy weather stripping for your doors and windows at your local hardware store or Home Depot.

*Use caulking to seal up areas where you have cracks.  You can also buy caulk from your local hardware store.

Stay warm!


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