Friday, October 7, 2011

My Dream House...a Fantasy

So I have come up with the idea to "build" my dream house and share with you my fantasies.  Each week I will dedicate a post on something that I would like my dream home to entail.  Some ideas may be far-fetched, unrealistic, realistic...basically anything goes!  It's a fantasy, right?

I will start a the basic exterior.  I LOVE and dream to have a Prefabricated house for many reasons.  One is that the homes are aesthetically beautiful, two is that they are made of sustainable and recycled materials, three -they are totally my design style and four is the cost of a Prefabricated house is affordable.  Here are three prefab homes that I fantasize about-hoping to mesh all three together to create the perfect home.
What I love about this prefab house is simplicity and clean lines.  I love the look of natural wood paired with steel elements.
If I were to every build my fantasy home, I want a ranch-style house.  One floor with a killer floorplan.
Multiple outdoor living space is crucial.
Dreaming of sliding glass doors along the perimeter of the entire house so you can open all doors on a beautiful day to double the size of your home.
I love all the windows and two-tone materials.
Like I said, multiple outdoor living spaces.  And obviously a pool, but thats for another blog entry...dreaming big!

All of these prefab homes and concepts were conceptualized and designed by Blu Homes.  Genius!  Stay tuned for next weeks post on building my dream home!



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  1. Well, your dream is not as far-fetched as you think! And you certainly have an eye for great designs. This ranch-style house looks incredible. It is like an old cottage with a twist. I really love how the wood plays as the main material for this house design. When you combine it with other materials, it creates an interesting but beautiful contrast.

    [Kayce Church]