Monday, May 2, 2011

Designing on a Dime

So my brother and I finally made it to his apartment!  It is an adorable apartment located in West Hollywood in Los Angeles.  After the long 15 hour drive we were both excited to get our hands dirty and start making this apartment a home for Josh.  My brother, being the boy he is, only brought with him a TV, clothes, his bicycle and golf clubs.  This means that we had NOTHING to furnish the apartment.  No furniture, no kitchenware, no bedding...NOTHING.  Boy did we have our work cut out for us.

Here are some before pictures of Josh's Apartment: 


seriously NOTHING...

The windows are amazing

Now as I am sure most of you know moving can be outrageously expensive!!!  But guess doesn't have to be!!!!  It is very easy to style your home with affordable furniture and decor.  The resources are out there-all you have to do is be creative and just go for it!  Our main sources of furniture and decor came from Ikea, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target and CB2.  We spent many hours in each of these stores and even more hours putting everything together!

After a few days of shlepping, sweating and unpacking, Josh's apartment was complete.  All I can say is WOW!  We spent  a lot of money no doubt but kept our budgets on everything pretty tight.  

The Budget Basics
Couch: Ikea
Corner Table and Chairs: Ikea
Side Table next to couch: Target

I tried to use whatever things Josh has as decor, like his skateboards and bike... well as his action figures and chochkees.  LOVE this lamp..Target!!

Bertha-the cowhide I bought from a lady who was selling it on a street corner in West Hollywood
Coffee Table:  CB2.  I didn't want to get a coffee table that was going to hide Bertha so this acrylic table was perfect.  **A GREAT TIP:  Always ask if floor samples are for sale, we got the coffee table for 30% off which made a HUGE difference in the price!

Reverse Angle
Since the apartment is small, I wanted to keep it open and airy by not cluttering the space with too much furniture.  The apartment actually looks bigger with the furniture!

TV Stand: Ikea
Shelving: Ikea

Small desk area next to bay windows
Desk and Chair:  Ikea

Searching for the perfect wall art is still in the process...bare with the monochromatic color scheme

Bedding:  CB2-one of our splurges.  Bedding makes a bedroom so its ok to spend a little bit on duvet covers/sheets
Carpet Tile: CB2
Nightstand: Target
Lamp: Target

Curtains: Target
Collage Mirrors: Target

Yes we had to buy all kitchenware as well!  Love these!!!
Plates: Target

Accent Pillow:  CB2
Found the most perfect colors and style

Small lil kitchen

Obvi representing Chicago sports..da Bears!

Wire Shelving: Ikea

Kitchen Floor Mat: Bed Bath and Beyond

SEE!!!!!  Moving doesn't have to be uber expensive!  You can make any space chic and contemporary by visiting your local stores.  I would have loved to incorporate more vintage pieces found at antique stores but by the end of the trip we were like chickens running around LA with our heads cut off.  All-in-all, I think we did a great job with the design, layout and execution of this apartment.  

Hope you like it Josh!  I love you and miss you so much already!

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