Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sad and Happy Plants

I woke up this morning and just like everyone else, woke up to yet ANOTHER day of rain!  I went outside to check out my outrageously growing plant to see if she was ok and was saddened to see how she looks.
The wind took a serious toll on her and rescue was on immediately on its way!

Shoelace to the rescue!!! I wrapped a shoelace around the bottom of the plant and added some extra dirt to give her more support.  I also had to move her out of this gasping wing.  Lets hope for the best!

On a better note, my orchids have new buds and are starting to bloom!  Though they may look dead-orchids take time to regrow new buds.  I've had these orchids for about 9 months.  My secret to keeping/maintaing these beauties; 3 ice cubes a week!  Thats it!

Getting ready to bloom! Can't wait!

These are my flowers I planted in my water bottles.  They look amazing.

Grass is starting to grow.  Slowly but surely!  These will look great once they are all gown and trimmed to perfection.

**Remember, having plants around your home and enviroment can improve your indoor air quality up to 40%!!!

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