Monday, May 23, 2011


Could it be?!?!  The HEAT is on!  Any by heat, I DO NOT mean the Miami Heat!  GO BULLS!!!

I am talking about the Chicago summer heat that is approaching!  When the temperature rises, people immediately turn to their air conditioning units on.  Air conditioning uses up SO MUCH energy and costs lots of dollars.  Here are some energy and money saving tips to keeping your apartment and body cool this summer!

Be a fan-atic. Instead of reaching for the AC, consider the much underrated ceiling fan. It uses dramatically less energy than an air conditioner, costs less to buy, is a breeze to install, and cools like a charm.

Consume the cold stuff. Take advantage of your fridge by filling up some spare bottles with water and keeping them in there. And keep one in the freezer for those extra hot days. Eat small, light meals, and foods high in water content, like fruits & vegetables. Also, don’t you forget the organic ice cream and sorbet 

Turn off the hot stuff. Switch off your computer and lights when not in use (try to avoid incandescent and halogen lamps in favor of compact florescent ones), and forgo the oven if you can.

Let in the breeze. Circulate air by opening windows, especially those on the north and south of your house or apartment—but keep out the heat with some white window shades (to deflect the sun) or bamboo blinds. And don’t forget the old-fashioned Israeli air conditioner: drench some sheets in water (or wash some clothes) and hang them over the windows to let the water evaporate in the breeze, 
creating a lovely cooling effect.

Take a cool shower. It's a great way to chill out fast and keep the air in your home cool too—and considering how quickly you may want to get out of it, a cool shower is also a great way to save water

And if you must use the air conditioner. Remember to keep doors and windows closed to maximize cooling. Also make sure you’re using an energy-efficient Energy Star model, and clean the filter every so often so as to improve air flow.

Live Well.  Live Pure

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