Monday, June 6, 2011


Greetings my fellow blog followers.  I am SO sorry that I have abandoned my blog for a few weeks but I have been so extremely busy-which is a great week.  Here is this week's GTW...GREENING YOUR OUTDOOR PICNIC!

Summer has finally arrived and everyone in the city of Chicago takes full advantage of this glorious weather.  Families and friends tend to use the outdoors as an extended dining space.  Here are some great tips to greening your next outdoor picnic!

*Pack plenty of local, in-season fruits and vegetables and organic meat for you and your guests.  Look for "Locally Grown" signs in your nearest grocery store.  You can always grab local food from farmers markets around your neighborhood.  

*Consider repurposing your canvas grocery tote as a picnic bag or try searching your closets for backpacks or holiday baskets to tote your food and picnic supplies.

*Try to choose a picnic destination that’s easy to get to by biking, walking or using public transportation.
*Skip the individually packaged drinks and opt for coolers (or kegs) filled with your favorite party beverages.
*Choose washable, reusable cloth napkins and tablecloths
*If reusable isn’t an option for cups, plates and utensils, choose biodegradable items or look for products made from recycled materials.

*Stick to sunscreen and insect repellents made with fewer chemicals and avoid spraying your entire picnic area with toxic pest products.

*Remember to take your waste with you. Leftover picnic food in trash cans is often tempting to park animals. Bring an extra storage container for food waste and a tote bag for recycling. Also, consider using your melted ice to rinse reusable dishes and utensils.


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