Tuesday, June 7, 2011


As I was going through my fabrics in my library, I found a reoccurring pattern that I just LOVE so much...zig zags!  Zig-zags can bring so much focus and fun into a room by creating a sense of movement and giving off a "wow" factor.  I'm thinking that my next purchase/upholstery project for myself is definitely going to be a zig-zag pattern-you can never go wrong.  These patterns are timeless and I am a firm believer that "a great design is a timeless design."  Here are just a few zig-zag textiles in my library... 
These are wild and I love love love!  These are also outdoor fabrics which means great durability and resistant to liquid!

These are outdoor fabrics as well.  Medium scale, would be perfect for accent pillows and bolsters.

Neutral tones with a PUNCH of tangerine color.  So amazing!

This fabric is one of the first fabrics to be a part of my library.  It marked the beginning of Pure Surroundings and it is near and dear to my heart.  I am beyond obsessed and only wish I had enough money in my bank account to upholster a side chair with it.  One day I will!!!
Tribal looking textile with zig-zags within the repeat. 

Not your typical zig-zag pattern but gives the same feeling.  I LOVE this pattern!!!
Some wallpaper...this is a more subtle zig-zag look
I DIE!!!!  Waiting for the right client and space to use this wild wallpaper.

Thanks for browsing!  Contact me if you are interested in any of these fabrics!

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