Monday, June 6, 2011

New Fabulous Client

A few weeks ago I picked up another client and may I say, she is so fabulous!!!!  We are very excited to be working together to create a space that is truly a one-of-a-kind.

Along with living in numerous cities and countries, my client spent many years living in Hawaii and really wants to incorporate that design element into her home.  Mixing modern with island flare may be a challenge but a fun one!  Here are a few pictures of her home now and some inspirational color schemes and swatches I envision.

Living Room

I want to lighten up the space by incorporating organic elements such as linen fabric and grasscloth wallpaper.  This scheme is mature, cozy and light with an outdoor feeling.
This scheme also has organic elements such as the wallpaper and linen fabric but my client wants the space to be warm and complimented by color, red being one of her top choices.
and another...
Master bedroom.  My client has some existing furniture but whether or not she is going to keep it is still under discussion.  She loves purple and has an existing chaise so I am working around that fabric.  I envision her room to be a modern and sophisticated sanctuary where she can escape to.
The circular fabric is what is covered on the chaise.  I LOVE this scheme.  These fabrics will be bedding, accent pillows and window treatment.  Very excited about this room!
Guest bathroom.  We are giving this bathroom a complete facelift.  The finishes are so beautiful and "Italian chic" so I want to soften the bold lines while adding a "wow" factor.  Powder rooms are my favorite
This wallpaper is one of my favorites in my wallpaper library.  We will install this in the bathroom to break up the straight lines.  Can't wait.

There are still more rooms that I have not included in this post so you will have to stay tuned with whats coming ahead.  I am beyond excited about this project.  Let me know your thoughts!


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