Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cork Flooring-an Alternative Choice

Usually when people hear the word "cork" thrown around, they-well I-think about cork-boards and corks from wine bottles.  Well natural cork material is widely used as an alternative flooring material that is both unique and sustainable.

"Cork oak tree is not destroyed and then replanted but rather the bark is trimmed from the tree every nine years, leaving the tree and forest undamaged.  Cork flooring is actually made from the waste of the work wine stopper manufacturing process so cork flooring is a recycled product.  All pigments, varnishes and adhesives used in producing its tiles are water-based, solvent-free, and have no VOCs"  via

Looks just like tile!

Look at all these cool chairs/tables made from cork!!!

Benefits of natural cork:
*Beauty:  Very natural look which can be altered to look the same as ceramic tiles; color dying is also endless
*Durability:  Can sustain in high traffic commercial areas
*Softness:  The air contained in the millions of cork cells provides a cushioned feel.  Its not so soft that it feels spongy, but provides noticeable relief for those who stand on their feet all day
*Sound and Vibration:  Reduces the transmission of sound, vibration and heat thus making it a great insulator
*Anti-Allergenic and Insect Resistant
*Easy Installation
*Fire Resistant

If yo have any questions about cork flooring, please message me!  I absolutely love cork flooring!!  Can't wait to use it for one of my upcoming projects!


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