Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gilasi Countertops are the "New" Marble Countertops

For the past thirty years or so, an "upgraded" kitchen or bathroom ment the finishes and countertops were made of marble.  Yes marble is beautiful and unique but in my opinion, I'm over it!  To me, marble has been overdone and is now considered the expected.

NOW more than ever the use of glass, concrete and other materials are substituting the norm marble/granite countertops.  The great thing about this is that there are so many countertop products that are SUSTAINABLE and GREEN.

One of my favorite manufacturers for countertops is Gilasi.  Gilasi is manufactured in Chicago in a day-lit facility.  All materials that compromise Gilasi are sourced locally, within 250 miles of the factory-most of the material is sourced right in Chicago.

Gilasi installation at University of Chicago
Installation at Chicago Center for Green Technology
Gilasi countertops are composed of 85% recycled materials by weight

You can find Gilasi countertops at Green Home Chicago Design Center located in the West Loop (Morgan inbetween Fulton and Lake).


  1. To locate discount countertops, take a appear at some stone fabrication shops that manufacture stones which come from local quarries. Most probably, the transportation expenses of these stones will cost less. Although you did not technically get a discount, you had been still able to cut down its price.

  2. This is a terrible product, we have had two different sets of material installed in our kitchen and FOUR different sealing techniques. It simply cannot be made waterproof. Gilasi refuses to stand behind their product, blaming installers who follow their instructions, but providing no real solutions. We have wasted thousands of dollars, months of time, and in the end two counters will end in a landfill. Eco friendly? I think not. Do not be taken in by their hype, and absolutely stay away from this awful product.

  3. Wow! I can't believe that! Thanks for that info. I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Hope everything turned out ol

  4. I have been looking to switch to Marble Countertops within my kitchen and am not sure if I should or not.

  5. This is a repulsive item, we have had two unique arrangements of material introduced in our kitchen and FOUR diverse fixing methods. It essentially can't be made waterproof. Gilasi declines to remain behind their item, faulting installers who take after their guidelines, yet giving no genuine arrangements. We have squandered a great many dollars, months of time, and at last two counters will end in a landfill. Eco cordial? I think not. Try not to be taken in by their buildup, and totally avoid this dreadful item. Lynnwood Granite Companies

    1. This blog is interesting in the sense that you can look someone up by clicking their name. I was going to do that to see what happened with your installation but then saw that you live in Pakistan and have some pay service for niche blogging. Do you and swjosephs have a vendetta or something? Your posts are pretty much identical. Maybe you need to coordinate better when you are doing this kind of thing.

  6. We Love our Gilasi countertops. We've had them in our kitchen for over 7 years and they still look great. Not sure what others problem are with it but all we do is seal it periodically and it is completely waterproof. We're looking into re-doing our bathroom and have found out they now make a maintenance free material with VOC free epoxies rather than cement.