Monday, July 11, 2011


Green Tip of the Week:  Wear sunscreen, the GOOD kind!!!
Summer is here, the heat is on, and the sun is blazing!!!!  I am a HUGE promoter of wearing sunscreen and avoiding the sun not only for protecting your skin from sun damage (wrinkles, anti-aging...) but also to help people prevent sun cancer.  In the beginning of summer, there has been serious talk about how sunscreen on the shelves in stores today are cancerous!  

"The latest investigation by the Environmental Working Group of over 1,700 sunscreens and other sun-blocking products currently on the market found only one in five sunscreens earned high marks for safety and efficacy. Leading brands were again this year among the worst offenders" 

Here are some ingredients to look for in sunscreen that you should AVOID:

Diazolidinyl urea, Zinc Oxide, Aminobenzoic acid, Avobenzone Cinoxate, Dioxybenzone, Ecamsule Homosalate, Mthylparaben, Octocrylene Octyl methoxycinnamate, Octyl salicylate, Oxybenzone, Padimate O, Phenylbenzimidazole, Phenoxyethanol, Sulisobenzone, Titanium dioxide

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