Monday, July 18, 2011

Dull Clay Flower Pot Makeover

Lets face it, flowers inside and around your home really give the feeling of warmth and natural beauty.  Flowers themselves can be quite costly and pairing them with the right pot that is as beautiful as the actual flower can be tricky.  Some people, myself especially, try to find the best pot for the right flowers.  I bought  orchids a while ago and they came with the classic red clay pot-not the most glamourous.  I couldn't take looking at this dullness anymore and decided to give them a makeover that was quick, costless, and effective.  Instead of going to the store and spending lots of money buying new pots I thought that re-using what I had (which is "green") and spray-painting them would do the trick.
Pots before
Silver, black, and copper spray paint is all you need!  Any color would work great depending on the colors in your home.
Multi-tasking; spray painting and watering grass-what could be more pure?  Not a lot of spray paint is needed to coat the pot and it dries in less than 10 minutes!  Such an easy and quick project.
Happy orchids in their new and improved pots
Silver pot with hints of copper and black

Copper pot with hints of silver and black.

SO EASY!!!!!


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