Monday, July 18, 2011


Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all had a great summer weekend!  This weeks Green Tip of the Week is:  EXPLORE YOUR SURROUNDINGS-GET OUT OF THE CITY!!!

Chicago is an AMAZING city and without a doubt Chicago in the summer is the BEST city but sometimes it  is necessary to get out of the concrete jungle and take advantage of surroundings areas.  This weekend my friend Colleen and I ventured 65 miles outside of Chicago to beautiful New Buffalo, Michigan.  The natural beauty of the greenery, Lake Michigan, local shops, and just hanging out is just what the doctor ordered.
Mandevilla-my Aunt Sandy and Uncle Butch's beach house...not bad, huh?
Michianna beach houses from the boat.
Owner of Hugos Frog Bar and Gibsons Steak House beach house.
Enjoying some watersports, my friend Sammy rippin the wakeboard.
The beautiful streets of Michigan, shaded by beautiful native trees.  Doesn't get more pure than that!

Colleen and I enjoying the beautiful Michigan sunset over Lake Michigan.
Pure beauty.

Not the most intelligent scrabble was involved.
Colleen roasted me in checkers.  Who knew she was a professional checkers player?
Contributors to a relaxing, fun and pure time up in Michigan.

Where is your favorite place to relax outside of the city?


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