Thursday, July 21, 2011


Many people do not know the concept of "prefabricated homes" so I am going to educate you a bit on this amazing concept.  My favorite Prefab homes are designed by the talented Michelle Kaufmann

Prefabricated homes are "Modular home constructed using three-dimensional boxes or "modules".  The home is built to site-built code, but created in a factory...Several modules can be connected side-by-side or stacked to create a finished home.  When completed, modular homes are composed of several modules fastened together."  via

Green Home designed by Kaufmann at Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

Dining room
2nd Level

Gliding House

Some benefits of Michelle Kaufmann's prefab homes:
*Modular factories achieve 50% to 75% less waste
*Exceeds structural requirements, creating a stronger solid home
*Time frame greatly reduced
*Homes are 90&-95% completed upon arrival to site
*Designed based on six principals; 1.  Thoughtful design, 2.  Efficient Materials (green/sustainable materials), 3.  Energy Conservation, 4.  Water Efficiency, 5.  Healthy Spaces, 6.  Systems Built

Michelle Kaufmann also has an amazing book all about her Prefabricated homes called, "PrefabGreen"
You can buy the book HERE or on AMAZON

Myself as a designer who is so enthusiastic and passionate about sustainability, really admire and consider Michelle Kaufmann one of my role models.  She is making a difference in the design world as well as contributing to our precious Mother Earth.  I only wish and hope that one day I will live in a Michelle Kaufmann prefab-ulous home.  You go girl!


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