Friday, April 1, 2011

Find Me a Find...

One of my all time favorite hobbies is antiquing and going to flea markets!  The idea of going to a not-so-ordinary place (which is now becoming too familiar cause I visit them so frequently) and searching through vignette after vignette to find the next great find is so exhilarating to me!  When you do find that one awesome piece you are so thrilled and excited that you rush home to put it in the right place-I know thats what I do.  Not only is the price always amazing but the originality and uniqueness of that piece always give your space that extra "wow" factor.  Not to mention, that you are REUSING something that isn't going into a landfill so kudos to you for being GREEN!!!!!!!  Your first stop for furniture/home decor should always be antique malls/flea markets!  I went to an antique mall the other day and here is a glimpse of just a few of many great finds I came across.

These barstools are so retro-chic!  Love the pattern and in amazing condition! 
How amazing would it be to re-upholster this chair with fabulous fabric?!?!?!
Always remember to look UP when you are at antique stores!  The light fixtures are always SO amazing!
These barstools have serious potential!  With the right fabric and space, fabulous.
Layered wood sculpted woman-wow!

How adorable!  
I DIE for this coffee table
No words.
This chandelier is so Kara Mann/Holly Hunt-esque...LOVE LOVE LOVE
Another amaze chair with amaze potential
I drool over anything that is industrial!!!!
NEED this desk lamp and I LOVE the steel shelves in the background.  That may be good for all my fabric swatches...
Anyone collect owls?

Not only can you buy amazing decor/furniture at these antique malls but theres also clothes, purses, hats, and silk scarves like these.  Check out the Jewish scarf with the menorah, gelt, and dreidels-I should have purchased this one.  
I <3 silk scarves
Whoooo whoooo-this mall in particular has owls everywhere!  I feel like I'm being constantly watched! ehhhh
Glass blown lamp shades.  Ulta retro and very cool
Antique birdcage.  This was beyond amazing!  I may go back for this and put in on my porch and fill it with plants.  Good idea??
Great floor piece
Wood, leather,and steel wine rack!  SO fab!
I had to.  There is something about furniture like this that makes me really happy inside.
I die.
Love old leather suitcases!  They look so amazing when you pile them high enough till they reach the ceiling.  
Love these girls...or are they men?

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  1. These pics are so great - I love that white sphere light fixture. It would look so cool in sunney's new room. Where's this place?!?