Wednesday, April 20, 2011


GTW:  Save Energy When Cooking!

Greetings fellow bloggers!  I am so terribly sorry for abandoning you all for so long.  It's been almost a week since my last blog entry.  I have been super busy and will fill you in on whats been going on.  First and most important, here is your GTW-Save energy when you cook!

We use a ton of energy when cooking-think about how long it takes to bring a pot of water to boil-on an electric stove we usually keep it on full blast eating up sometimes beyond 2400 watts per hour!  Some of you may have gas stoves, which obviously uses gas to fire up our meals, which is also a form of energy consumption.

Here are a few ways to decrease energy consumption while cooking!

*COVER UP-where possible, cover your pots and pans.  This will help your food cook more quickly and generates a higher temperature thus allowing you to use less energy

*NUKE IT-instead of boiling water in a pan, zap it in the microwave instead.  In fact, try to use the microwave as much as possible to save a ton of electricity

*EAT RAW-Many veggies take amazing when they are uncooked in my opinion.  Experiment a little more with raw foods.  You'll not only save on electricity and gas, but nutrients in veggies can be destroyed or dissolve when cooked

*SPLURGE ON POTS/PANS-resist buying cheap pots and pans-it'll cost you more in the long run.  Not only will higher quality cookware last longer but the heat distribution is better and they will also store heat for longer.  Glass and ceramic pots and pans are said to be the most efficient.

There are plenty more ways to be more energy conscious in the kitchen but here are the easy ones.  Follow these and your food will taste better and pat yourself on the back because you have consumed less energy.  Happy eating everyone!!!

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