Thursday, April 14, 2011


My wish came true!  Spring is here!!!!!!!!  I enjoy my favorite season by spending as much time as I can outside.  And lately, it's been either working on my back porch or walking Tula with my camera around my neck.  Yes I look like a tourist but hey, I live in Bucktown, anything flies around here without judgements. Here are some pics I took on a few glorious days around the hood...
YAY!!!  looks whats growin

Macro on the grass

Exposed brick-love

Rusted abandon pluming tubes

Litter-who uses the yellow pages anyway?  Such a waste of paper and waste!!

Industrial-my fav

Street art-jea

Lovely lady with sun shining on her face

Very intense branches

What lives in there?

Cannon in a front yard?  ok...

Love the color contrast

Can you tell what this is?  Its Bark


sticker..hmmm is that a Rabbi?

So smart, you know exactly where you live

Such a city dog

Cool face overlooking this homeowners backyard

Why is the light on in the middle of the day?  So not green

Crazy eyes

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