Monday, April 11, 2011

Green Tip of the Week (GTW): GET OUTSIDE

Happy Monday everyone!  What a great way to start the week with this amazing Chicago Spring weather!!!!!  If you know this or not, we are constantly using and consuming energy everywhere we go.  The more we are indoors, the more energy is needed for us individuals per space.  So GET OUTSIDE and consume less energy!  The sun is shining so take full advantage!!!  Turn off the lights in your homes and offices and utilize natural light.  Turn off your heat/AC and open the windows-smell the fresh spring air as it breezes throughout your surroundings!  Spend your lunchbreak outside.  Walk your dog an extra five blocks!  Or be like me and take your work outside...

This buildingin Bucktown gets TONS of natural daylight!


My outdoor office

Better outdoor decor soon to come!  First time working outside and not getting inspired.  So excited to spend lots and lots of time on my back porch!

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