Thursday, April 14, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game...

Another reason why I LOVE Spring is because baseball starts.  Baseball screams America and hints to fans that summer is on its way.  I spent my lovely Wednesday afternoon with one of my besties Buzz (Jacqueline) at US Cellular Field and was soooooo excited not only to sit behind the sox dugout but because of how amazingly GREEN The Cell is!  I have never seen this much enthusiasm about recycling in a public venue ever.  Check it out!

Whoo hoo!!!!!

The Dream Machine-very cool!!!

Vienna Beef=mecca for all hot dogs.  This makes me proud to be a Chicagoan

Love the striped field!

Thats Buzz!!!!  Sorry-Jacqueline...Chicago White Sox #1 Fan.  She's so cute, isn't she?

Recycle dispensary and trash compactor! 

Thats Solar Powered!!!!!!!!!!

How cool!?!?!?!

This should be a staple in all ballparks-in all public places everywhere!

Ballpark grub-fresh corn off the cob with lime and red pepper.  Super taste

Standing, clapping, and cheering-typical


Baseball necessities 

AJ Pierzynski chewing on his sweater

Kiddies begging for balls.  I'd get upset when an adult would get a ball and not give it to the kids.

Yup, that happened.  She was maybe cheering more than Buzz...maybe.

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