Friday, April 22, 2011


The day has come!  Happy Earth Day everyone!!!  

What are YOU going to do today to give back to Mother Earth???  PLEASE just do at least ONE act of eco-friendliness today!  It's easy as going to Starbucks with a reusable mug!  Check out the video below!

I think that people are so unaware of what we, as humans do to our surroundings in terms of pollution.  The facts are really scary! 

"Pollution likely affects over a billion people around the world, with millions poisoned and killed each year.  The World Heath Organization estimates that 25 percent of all deaths in the developing world are directly attributable to environmental factor.Some researchers estimate that exposure to pollution causes 40 percent of deaths annually"  via click HERE for more pollution facts

Across the US, the approximately amount of landfill is roughly 560,000 acres of land.  THATS INSANE!!  Consume less! Waste less!  WE can do something about this problem!!!   via

The water bottle industry uses 1.5 million tons of plastic. Truly disturbing is that 77% of those bottles are not recycled and so wind up in overcrowded landfills.  Stop buying water bottles and buy a few REUSABLE WATER BOTTLES.  Let's decrease these horrific numbers!!!

Here are some videos for us lazy Americans (who are sometimes too lazy to even read, myself included) on quick tips to be Green!

"How to be Green At Work"

This is a REALLY awesome energy efficient home in Minneapolis!

I cannot stress how important it is for us to keep the environment in our minds and to handle Her with care.  She provides us with all means of life and it is up to us to take the best care of her as we can.  I beg of you, please do at least ONE green thing today.  

This is my main goal for today on EARTH DAY:  Produce NO WASTE-that means not creating anything while at work and at home that goes into the garbage.

Things I am going to do that is eco-friendly today:  Take public transportation, use reusable bags, TURN off all lights in rooms that I am not using, use rainwater to water my thirsty plants, PICK UP GARBAGE that I may pass by, and who knows what else!!!!

What are YOU going to do for the environment today??

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