Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Asia Inspirations

For the last six weeks, I have been traveling in Asia with my siblings and then altogether as a family.  What a trip!  Asia is so unbelievably beautiful and I feel so fortunate to have experienced a trip like this.  We traveled Northern and Southern Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia.  Walking through these cities and exploring this side of the world felt like laser beams constantly beaming me with inspiration.  It was invigorating and overwhelming at times because there is just no where else like tAsia.    The colors, the textures, the Wats/Pagodas (temples), the food, the scenery...I can go on for days.  Here is just a bit of what inspires me from Asia

Saigon Traffic.  Everyone uses a motorbike as transportation.  The off-gassing that motorbikes produce is extremely toxic and hazardous to humans and Mother Earth!!!!  So why is this inspirational?  Well for one reason, my sister rides a motorbike which is extremely brave because in Saigon there are no traffic laws.  The other reason of inspiration is the controlled chaos on the road.  The unspoken rules of the road is based on patience, trusting your fellow motobikers, and confidence...characteristics opposite of the US.  There is something really beautiful about the traffic in Vietnam

  Who wouldn't want a courtyard in their house to look like this?

There is no escaping lanterns in Asia.  Not only are they amazingly decorative and warm-feeling but they require low voltage bulbs which makes them GREEN!!!!!!  I shlepped 6 huge lanterns home for my porch...once installed I will definitely share with you all!

Buddha himself is an obvious inspiration. The detailed brown and white hand panted walls and ceilings with the vibrant solid orange awning and gold Buddha totally inspires me.  I love the combination of colors with the contrast between solid and intricate patterns.

OMG-I LOVE this floor that I found in a store in Laos.  The pictures don't do it justice.  Made of concrete with a polished finish and has a beautiful patina.  The wood sleepers gave the floor a less industrial look and more of a warm feeling.
Love Love Love!!!!

Patterns galore on ties for sale at a street market in Thailand

Outdoor cafe in Thailand.  Drinking Thai coffee while sitting under tree in wood chairs breathing fresh air...I mean HEAVEN!   Why can't we have cafe's like this in Chicago?  Oh yea, its winter 6 months out of the year.

Graffiti in Bangkok.  To me, anything from the streets is inspirational.  So raw and real. 

Doorknobs.  I think this is where Anthropologie gets their hardware.

Sustainable/natural materials as architecture.  Takes my breath away every time.  Even the table and chairs are handmade from indigenous plants.

Solar panels and windmill for a city light.  You don't get GREENER then that.  Well done Saigon!

Moss brick wall.  The variations of the color green on this wall is a piece of art in itself.

Recycled ceramics used to make this symbol meaning longevity

Sleek, modern, minimal vignette.  Fantastic!

Local marble tiles from Marble mountain in Hoi An, Vietnam.  The dark tiles paired with the rich mahogany wood planks is beyond.

Eggshell sink.  Yes, I said eggshell.  This is definitely a green product!

Plants and trees everywhere!!  My favorite inspiration in Asia.  Makes the city look natural, clean and improves the surrounding air quality.  Love Hoi An, Vietnam!

Coiled incents that burn for a month

Look at how available Bamboo is!!!!!  You can buy it right off the street!

Floating houses made of natural materials.  Love how the greenery pops!

Amazing headboard from a designer in Thailand.  I got their contact info and will be contacting them asap!

Nothing is more inspirational than tradition and culture.  Not to mention the color combination in this photo might be a color scheme in one of my next projects.  Even the proportions are perfect.

Sculpture made entirely from hair.

Light fixture that took my breath away!  It's as tall as me!!  Same designer as headboard from two pics above.  Can't wait to sell these to my clients!   

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