Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hey Everyone!

Each week, one of my blog posts will be dedicated to the Green Tip of the Week aka GTW.  They are uncomplicated tips about "GREENing" yourself through design, home, food...basically anything that constitutes as green/sustainable!  Greening yourself can only benefit your health, well-being and our environment.

So here is this week's Green Tip:
GET A PLANT IN YOUR APARTMENT/CONDO/HOME.  By having something that produces oxygen in your home, it will improve your indoor air quality by 20%.  Thats amazing!  The more plants in your home, the better air you breathe!  Not to mention having living plants in your home  brings a sense of the outdoors to the indoors.

Here is my "Momma" plant.  She is growing like crazy!  I also have several orchids that are pretty to look at (I found that giving orchids 3 ice cubes a week keeps them healthy and perfectly hydrated). 

In addition to plants improving air quality, make sure you change your air filter.  Since I am a bit anal about these things, I change my filter at the beginning of each season.

The greener in color/leaves they have the more oxygen is produced.  Lets take a minute to appreciate some living plants...  

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