Monday, March 28, 2011

Just a Little Side Project...

Whenever I am at my parents house in Highland Park, I always venture to our storage rooms in the basement.  It is so amazing what you can find in the two ginormous storage areas.  Literally there is a furniture store down there!  While sifting through the bulky furniture and boxes, I came across a special piece that is my moms.  It's her desk from when she grew up.  Its in pretty good condition-missing  a drawer and a handle for the hutch but I thought, oh well.  I WANT IT!
My Moms desk in this not-so-fitting pale purple

So my mom, being the giving mother she is, told me I could take it.  I shlepped this desk upstairs, into my car, back to the city, out of my car and back up the stairs again to my condo.  I was sweating but determined to make this piece amazing.  I knew that I wanted the piece to flow in my apartment so I figured that I would paint it a cool shade of green to compliment my other vintage piece in my living room.

Prob one of the greatest finds from an antique store in a while...

I found the PERFECT most amazing color from the Benjamin Moore Affinity collection, Agave.  Not only is the color stunning, but the paint I used contains an extremely low level of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which can greatly effect indoor air quality.

Its a DOUBLE GREEN WHAMMY!!!  I'm reusing an existing piece of furniture and using a "green" paint product to refinish it.

I am still working on accessorizing the desk but don't want to overcrowd or create a feeling of clutter.  There are just a few items that I found around my apartment.

 The garbage lid on the top of the desk is also another amazing find from an antique store.  

"Join the Mayors Clean-Up Campaign"

"City of Chicago"
Pretty awesome-its exactly what I am about!!!!

You like???


  1. Awesome. Any chance you can post the instructions for redoing this desk? I have a similar hand-me-down from my parents and want to paint it a cool color but afraid of doing it wrong... please help!