Thursday, March 10, 2011

Charity of Choice...Friends United

Charities may not constitute as "green" but I definitely think this counts as "sustainable."  It is so important to give back to those in need and charities that benefit people, animals, and our community.  My charity of choice is Friends United for Juvenile Diabetes Research.

"Friends United is a grassroots organization that began as a small group of friends with a mission - to help fund research that will significantly improve the lives of people with juvenile diabetes and eliminate the disease through a cure.Current research is very promising, and the realization of our dream of a cure is on the horizon." (

Friends United was started by my ambitious Mom and her amazing group of friends after my brother was diagnosed at the age of 7.  At such a young age it was difficult for my brother and his body to adjust to this disease.  More and more I hear of children, teens, and adults diagnosed with some type of Diabetes.  Everyone knows someone that has been affected.  

My brother, Josh-Type I Diabetic.  Healthy, happy, and extremely handsome thanks to advanced medical technology.

Josh's pump.  A little damaged but keeps his insulin and blood sugar level.  Since this picture he got a new pump.  Check out the Chicago Bulls sticker-way to represent!

If you want more information about Friends United you can go on their website, to learn about diabetes and the charity.  

Do your part and be charitable in what you believe in!  YOU can make a difference!  Please feel free to comment on how you are charitable and what charities you are involved in!

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