Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why I Love...Starbucks!

Probably like millions of consumers around the world (yes there are Starbucks around the world), I am addicted to Starbucks Coffee.  My drink of choice is a triple grande skinny vanilla latte.  Yummmm-just typing my order is tempting me to get another one!  Love this!

Another reason I LOVE Starbucks is that they do their part in attributing to sustainability.  If you haven't noticed, the older Starbucks stores have closed their doors to redesign the cafe as a greener and more efficient storefront.  A few of their sustainable materials include; recycled glass tiles, bamboo paneling, furniture made of FSC or local wood and so much more.  Starbucks that have opened in the past 5 years or so always incorporate green materials.  It's so great that this HUGE corporation is incredibly focused on sustainability.

Their passion for providing clean water to deprived communities, creating jobs, and focus on small communities within a store vicinity are just few of many reasons why I love Starbucks!

Not to mention, I LOVE their new sleeve design.  Simple, true to their logo, and made of 60% post-consumer fiber!

This is my reusable coffee cup.  Spend the extra $10-buy a reusable mug and produce LESS waste!  Such an easy and small step to greening yourself!

Shout-out to Starbucks and Happy 40th Birthday!  Job so well done!

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