Monday, March 14, 2011

Dolla Dolla Bills Ya'll! Accounting the $$$

I just wanted to share with everyone one of the hardships of running your own business and doing everything on your own.  I consider myself pretty good at math but I am by no means a wiz at accounting.  This is probably the toughest part of the job.  Since all the money that is going in and our of my Pure Surroundings bank account is in my hands, I am particularly anal about keeping my balances in check.  They never taught us this in school!!!  I spend hours upon hours going through all my invoices and balances to keep everything on track.  It is not easy and certainly not something you can do in thirty minutes.  Thankfully there are computer programs that do all this for you...BUT formatting these programs to your personal settings and bank accounts is where the tricky part comes in.  With the help of accountant friends who also mastered QuickBooks, I am almost good to go!  For now I have a system that is flawless in my book-keeping until my QuickBooks is all set up.  Though my system is fairly time consuming.  For all you small business owners who don't have the extra expenses to hire someone to do all the accounting...I FEEL YOUR PAIN!  

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