Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Morning Walk...

Early this morning I was delighted to wake up to the beautiful sunshine!  I began my morning ritual by throwing on some clothes, leashed up the dog, and headed to grab my morning coffee (At Olivia's Market...duh).  I grabbed my camera on my way out figuring it would be a great day to just snap a few photos.  Taking my precious time to walk the four blocks to Olivia's, here are some pics I took along the way...

Nice Repeat...

My partner

I know shadows can be overrated but I thought this one was pretty cool

Can't wait for trees and flowers to bloom!  We need some color!

Some nice local art

Cracked paint on a side of a anything crackled

One of my favorite homes in the city

Back of the house...check out their SOLAR PANELS-bonus!!!

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