Monday, March 21, 2011

Fabric, anyone?

My afternoon started off with a meeting from one of my fabric reps from an amazing company!  He was so amazing and shlepped all these books of fabric to my office!!

Thats a whole lotta fabric!!  Anyone need any furniture recovered?

How about any window treatments??

I am VERY excited to now have this company apart of my library and ready to use these for my future projects.  Not only are they beautiful but the price point is so fabulous!  Very affordable and super durable!

These fabrics are GREEN...

...69% Organic Cotton 31%Bamboo

Simply beautiful...really liking the organic looking patterns...

Unique vinyls!

Looks just like natural wood

If you are looking for any cool, unique, and green fabrics-contact me!  I would be thrilled to help!  My library is expanding like crazy and my options for finishes seem to be endless.  I've got something for everyone!  

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