Monday, March 21, 2011


Happy Monday everyone!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Here is a simple, easy green tip to start your week of:  Slowly shift your daily home products to "green" products such as cleaning supplies, light bulbs, grocery bags, water bottles, and many more!

If you are a novice  greenie thats ok!  It can be a progression and slowly shifting your lifestyle can make the biggest difference!  Here are some small ways I am green in my own home and life.

These are amazing!  For all of you who have dogs, you go through a lot of poop bags-switch over to these 100% Biodegradable bags.  

See!  Even your pets can be green!

I try as much as I can to not buy water bottles.  Plastic is one of the primary waste component that consumes our landfills.  Do your part and carry a reusable water.  I have a cabinet full of them.  If you HAVE to buy water bottles, buy ones that are made from recycled materials or have a low level of plastic content.

This one is SO easy!  Buy reusable canvas bags- they are in every store and super cheap!  You can never have enough canvas bags.  These are so great for when you go grocery shopping-I keep a bunch of these in my car at all times to make it easier for me to remember to use them when I go shopping.

This shift was kind of hard for me.  I am somewhat of a neat freak and constantly cleaning my apartment.  I was going through too many rolls of paper towels and collecting too much garbage.  After realizing how terrible disinfectants are for indoor air quality, I switched over to using green cleaning products that are made of natural oils and plants.  They do just as great of a job as any other home cleaning product.  The cleaning bottles are also biodegradable!  DOUBLE WHAMMY!  Instead of using paper towel rolls, I use old kitchen rags, towels that I cut into pieces, and even old t-shirts.  My waste consumption from this shift alone has made such a difference!  You can too!

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