Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Hidden Treasure...

So yesterday I planned on going to the antique malls to look for some furniture that had amazing potential for my clients.  On my way to the malls, I stopped at one of my favorite, most amazing furniture stores, Nadeau.  This store/warehouse sells imported one-of-a-kind furniture pieces as well as some funky odds and ends from Asia.  Nadeau recieves shipments weekly and sometimes daily of just amazing stuff.  My family and myself are HUGE Nadeau fans and frequent shoppers.  And the BEST part about Nadeau...the WHOLESALE prices!  Unbeatable!!!! Lets put it this way, I found a piece for a client-bought it-and went straight to her home to deliver it.  No antique malls were visited that day.

Nadeau's warehouse.  Its actually a bit empty, believe it or not...

Saw this piece and flipped out!  It's the perfect media credenza for my client and I immediately bought it and stuck it right in my car.  Will blog about the install of it later on...

Unique wooden love seat

AMAZING wood/glass display case

TDF doors...this would be an awesome tabletop, just slap a piece of glass over it

Interesting cabinetry


This piece is so awesome!  I love the use of different materials and the asymmetrical drawers/cabinet

Cheetah-print ottoman anyone?  Um, I am considering buying this and reupholstering...thoughts?

Shabby chic 

My coffee table is from Nadeau!

This HUGE pot (whatever you call this) is from Nadeau!

Best item a Mandell has ever bought from Nadeau.  Its just so amazing!!!

If anyone ever wants a partner to venture off to Nadeau, let me know!  I love an excuse to go there.  I sometimes go there when I am bored and have an hour to spare!

Nadeau-Furniture with Soul
4433 N. Ravenswood
Chicago, IL 

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