Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Santa Came Early

Today I got a HUGE package from my favorite showrooms at the Merchandise Mart filled with the newest collections in fabric and wallcoverings.  I pulled my back out yesterday so I've been a dud but when I opened the package, it was an instant pain killer!

10 pounds of design bliss!  
I had to have the UPS guy place the box on my coffee table cause I'm so cripple at the moment.

Here are just SOME of the amazing wallpapers that came today!  If you want to see more, you are just going to have to call me and hire me!  

Um, these are unlike anything I've ever seen before!

Mirror-esque wallpaper!

Pixelated mirror wallpaper in silver and gold.  Amaze

For all you dog lovers, this is the perfect wallpaper.  So adorable!!! I'm obsessed.  I have a gold and black colorway in this pattern on the way to my apt via mail.  They forgot it and I was devastated but its coming asap.

Birds are so hot right now.  Seriously, I'm not kidding

 Pretty bird!

Purple/Grey, Beige/Blue, Silver/Black


Just a few more...the rectangular wallpapers are made out of beads.

I know this is all so exciting to everyone!  Here is just a glimpse of the fabrics!

Looks like folded sweaters! 

Here is what the full pattern looks like.  Phenomenal, right?

Stripey stripes!  Starting to REALLY love stripes!

This sample does NOT do this fabric justice.  But as you can see, its pretty dope and ultra chic.  I would DIE to cover a love chair in this.  This fabric is designed by legendary French fashion designer Christian Lacroix.

Pairing natural objects with decorative details is also very in right now. 

I DIE for this pattern.  What I would do to have a chair upholstered in this fabric.  As Rachel Zoe would say, "its bananas".  The scene framed with a unique border that repeats in the fabric is just sooo amazing!  

This fabric is so fun!  It feels delicious on the fingers and makes the eye have an orgasm.  Its also designed by Christian Lacroix.  Genius 

Here are some pairings I did with my new fabrics.  I was so excited.  This combination is probably one of my favs for the day.

I used to be an anti-pink person but now I am starting to LOVE pink, especially bright pink.  This combo is whimsical, flirty and fun.

A bit more traditional with some modern around the edges, I thought this scheme is quite brilliant.  More subtle but comfortable and exquisite!  

Want any of your furnishings to look as fab as what you see...?  Call me!!!  

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