Monday, March 14, 2011

GREEN TIP OF THE WEEK (GTW): Reupholstery and Green Fabrics

Happy Monday everyone!  Here is this weeks GTW:  If you are looking to give your space a new look and on a tight budget, REUPHOLSTER your existing furniture.  By doing so, this will greatly decrease your WASTE consumption, keep your wallets full and give your space a fresh new look.  To go even beyond just reupholstering your furniture, choosing "green" or "sustainable" fabrics will increase your furnitures level of  eco-friendliness.

So what constitutes a fabric as being green?  Here are just few of many criterion that involves sustainable fabrics.   I believe that these three are the most important.

#1.  Materials- Fabrics made from natural fibers such as cotton, linen,  or recycled content (post or pre consumer) and much more is the key factor in determining whether the material is green or not.

#2.  Manufacturing-How and where the product is made also constitutes a fabric as green.  Manufacturers that are "local" (meaning not made in China or within a 500 mile radius) and participate in sustainable efforts within their factory is another key component.  Packaging and transportation should also be taken into consideration

#3. Performance-The products life cycle, how long it will last and how it can recycled/reused after its initial performance should also be considered.

Look at one of my projects in which I reupholstered almost all existing the furniture to create a sleek look while keeping sustainability on the forefront.

Family room chair before

...and after

Living room chairs before...

...and after


Vintage chair before...

...after.  This fabric is incredible!  Love how I paired an antique chair with a modern/funky fabric.  Padding myself on the back.

Dining room chairs before...

close up of this beyond gorg fabric
These small ottomans were recovered as well.

This bench also!

See how easy and fabulous reupholstery is!  Not to mention-green as well!

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