Friday, March 18, 2011

The Jayhawk Makeover

MARCH MADNESS has begun!  I am a die hard University of Kansas Alumni and obvi going nuts for the Jayhawks during this time of year.   I undoubtedly had the best times of my life-thus far-living in the very eco-friendly town of Lawrence for 4 years.  The hills, amazing greenery, friendliest students, the waving wheat, and the invention of Basketball is just few of the many amazing things about Lawrence.

University of Kansas Campus

Not only is KU the COOLEST college in the states but the Jayhawk itself has had multiple makeovers over the 20th century.  Throughout the 1900s the Jayhawk design was adapted to campus life and world affairs.  Here is a look at the design evolution of the Jayhawk...

1912 Jayhawk

1920 Jayhawk

1923 Jayhawk

1929 Jayhawk

1941 Jayhawk-angry bird...could it be from the war?

1946 Jayhawk-My favorite by far

2005 Jayhawk

In honor of the 2011 NCAA Tournament I had to blog about my love for the Kansas Jayhawks.  Let's bring home another championship!!!  ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS!!!!  GO KU!!!!

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