Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hello everyone!  Thank you all for visiting my blog!  This whole blogging thing has intimidated me for months and with the support from my family and friends I am finally taking action!  First I joined twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/PURSurroundings) which was a huge step-wasn't so bad after all and figured blogging can't be so terrible.  This is probably my 3 attempt to start blogging-so please bare with me as I enter this new world of social media.

If you don't know who I am, let me tell a little bit about myself.  But as you read my blog on a daily or even weekly basis, you will get to know A LOT about me.  I am a proud Chicagoan and Jayhawk (KU-Rock Chalk!!) who was raised in Highland Park, Illinois.

Parental Units

I come from an amazing yet not your average family whom I love and adore more than anything.  I am the middle child having an older and wiser sister and a younger extremely handsome brother.  I love you guys :)

The Queen of the House
Tula and Lulu

There are also three babies of the family, our dogs, Tula, Lulu (both American Bulldogs) and Maggie May, The Queen Bee.

Anyways, since I was a very little girl, I would sit in my room for hours rearranging my furniture, snatching up decor from around the house and strategically placing it in the perfect spot in my room.  I am almost 26 years old and I still do that.  So I guess you could say that interior design was a passion that I was born with.  With that passion I graduated from Harrington College of Design and soon after started my own business Pure Surroundings, LLC.  In addition to starting my own business I am a certified LEED AP (Leadership in Energy Efficient Design Accredited Professional) through the United States Green Building Council.  I am so undyingly obsessed and excited about sustainable design-something people don't really know about.

ME!  Hugging a tree...obviously

So thats why I started this blog; to show the world that sustainable design can be easy, affordable, stylish and beneficial not only to ourselves but to our Mother Earth.  So come along with me as I blog about my business, the challenges I face as a start-up company, green living tips, nature and basically anything that inspires me as a designer.  Enjoy!

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  1. You are going to be very successful Sami! You have the experience, knowledge, and passion to educate those willing to learn! Im watering my Kentia and Banana palms right now gotta keep the errr filtered!