Thursday, March 24, 2011

Funky Art Around the House

My mom (in particular) and dad have very great taste in design and art.  Not only is the house I grew up in beautiful and well designed but the artwork in the house is quite unique.  I love art and everything about it.  Throughout my house there are very interesting pieces and I wanted to share some with you.

This piece my dad found on a wrecking job.  There is nothing better than free art!

Kinda wacky but I love it...Jolly Green Giant?

Ah Marilyn...I love thee.  Looks like the plant is outgrowing the painting.  I'll take it Mom! 

This piece is so wild.  My parents found this at an art fair and the actual artist is the guy eating on the lower right.  This is a definate conversation piece. All my friends from high school have a great story about this know what I'm talking about?

Not only is this piece extremely unique, but the size and shape fits perfectly in the Great Room.  

Artwork done by kids with autism

They probably can stay in the lines better than me!

I have to give my Dad all the credit on this one.  This amazing floral piece is in our dining room and once my Dad saw it at an artfair he knew it was ours.  Kind of love at first sight.  He is really proud of his find and I am too.  Its so amazing!

Frame details.  Made from random objects

Peter Max drawing.  I like sketchy-looking art

Michael Jordan.  An artist basketball.  

I couldn't resist.  This is one fine piece of art


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